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    Lil' Ninjas

    AGES 3-5 YEARS

    Specifically designed to suit children under the age of 6 years. It is a fun, fast paced, game orientated learning.   

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    AGES 6-8 YEARS

    High energy and fun classes, with age appropriate techniques and skills. Classes to suit children of all abilities 

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    AGES 9-12 YEARS

    Fun and social classes with a good balance of technique and fun! Covers stand up & ground defense techniques.

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    AGES 13 YEARS+

    Fun, social and every changing classes. Great for fitness, social, technique, practical self defense and good laughs!

Our Vision

“To help students reach their full potential.”


My Martial Arts Australia provides education and training in multiple styles of martial arts. Using a combination of strategies, along with proven martial arts techniques and tactics, we teach people how to avoid and / or react in situations that could threaten your personal safety. We also aim to educate in mental fortitude, leadership, confidence and other qualities that contribute to success in all aspects of people’s lives. We aim to provide high quality, disciplined, engaging and practical training programs for children, teens, women and men of all ages.


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Our Awesome Team

We take great pride and patience when selecting our instructors and assistants. Our team are highly trained to not only teach martial arts, but to engage, encourage, support, and understand each and every student and their needs. Our Instructors are first taught how to communicate with students of all ages and abilities, then are taught the way of teaching martial arts. We believe it is vital to be a good communicator, listener, and friend before becoming a martial arts instructor. Why? Because every student will respond and react to things differently, we want our instructors to be able to support any student that walks through the door. All instructors are blue card certified, and have a current CPR and first aid certificates.

  • Corey Greenwell

    Lead Instructor

    Currently a 3rd Degree Black belt, Mr Greenwell found his passion for martial arts straight out of high school and began his martial arts journey. Little did he know, one day he would running his own classes, with a team of amazing instructors and students! Mr Greenwell has trained under many Masters under different styles of martial arts, and simply wants to share his knowledge with others

  • Taylah Boultbee


    Currently a 2nd Degree Black Belt, Miss Boultbee started the foundation that My Martial Arts is built on in 2013. She has trained in various styles of martial arts and has competed all over the world. However, she now spends most her time managing the schools, students and parents. She has a great drive and passion to ensure every student and parents feel welcome and involved in the school as the next. If you ever need anything she is the one to speak to!

  • Sarah Matthews


    Miss Matthews first enrolled her son into our classes in 2015, from there she joined our ladies only program, the adults program, and before long found her love for martial arts. She is now an instructor for My Martial Arts, and keeps the team on track by organising gradings, events, and all things client support. Miss Matthews achieved her first mixed martial arts black belt in 2018, and her taekwondo black belt in 2019.

  • Chelsea Nielsen

    Assistant Instructor

    Miss Nieslen starting her Martial Arts journey at just 11yrs old. Her passion for martial arts never faded. She became an eager assistant when she was just 13yrs and before long had her eyes on running her own class. At 17yrs, Chelsea has become one of our top leading assistants, she works in three locations teaching over 40 students a weeks. Chelseas favourtie class is the Samurais becuase they are always full of energy and excitments, just like herself!

Latest News

Keep up to date on the latest news, events, awards and activities happening in our club! You will find useful articles regarding gradings and championships, parents stories, and everything about our club! If your new to the club or want further information about what we do this is the place to find out everything!


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Hours of Operation

Mon - Fri: 8am - 7pm

​​Saturday: 8am - 4pm

Area of Service

QLD Sunshine Coast and Moreton Bay Region

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